Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I love this picture.  On this particular day, we were spending some time as a family at a park around her.  Vasona Park.  It was a beautiful day.  I think, actually, we were there celebrating Marcus' birthday.  The picture is now a year old, but my feelings are still fresh.

When Callie entered our lives, I knew she had a special connection with Samantha.  I felt that before we even met her.  Over the next few months, I'd notice patterns.  Callie seemed to sense certain things about Samantha that we couldn't.  In the evening, Callie would get super fussy about an hour before Sammy would have a seizure.  I didn't recognize it at first.  It was my mom who pointed it out to me, and then, sure enough, I saw the pattern.  Callie has always been proud of Sammy.  She has gone through phases of being annoyed with her (which I consider healthy), but she is one of Sammy's biggest cheerleaders.  She enjoys helping her in any way she can.  She shares with her.  She hugs her, carries her (yikes!), and kisses her.  I frequently here Callie say, "Aw Sammy.  You have such a cute little head."  In the past, when Sammy would cry more often, Callie would try to calm her by saying, "It's ok Sammy.  It'll be ok.  I'm here.  There you go."  She has always taken a motherly, or rather...a protective role when it comes to Samantha.  Though Sammy adores Callie, she most likely takes for granted how important Callie is to her.  One day she'll know.

Early on, Samantha did not like Callie.  It wasn't anything against Callie, it was the fact that there was a new baby in her mommy's arms (which I also consider healthy).  But over time, she has grown a tight bond with her big little sister.  She adores Callie.  I think it's among the few words she says, in fact.  Callie is her playmate, sister, and friend.  She gets excited to see Callie which is clearly evident as her face lights up and her squeals and laughter are heard.  And Callie loves Sammy so much, partly, because she knows how much Sammy loves her.

Pictures can only show so much.  But occasionally, when it's a really great picture, it really does say so much more than words can.  It doesn't have to be a professional picture, just a picture that touches your heart.  This is one of them for me.  In my eyes, this accurately represents their relationship.  Sammy playfully is looking off, distracted by something ~ while Callie holds her head up higher, eyes wider, looking around, watchful.  Callie sits in front.  A leader.  Sammy, full of trust and submission, gratefully and cheerfully sits behind.  Both of them are happy, though Callie's face shows her self-appointed sense of duty.

I love these girls, and I love this picture.    


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