Sunday, June 23, 2013


Today Samantha is 7 years old.  I can't believe it.  I really don't understand how 7 years went by so quickly. I have so many thoughts in my head, thoughts I want to get down, for right now...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

I'm going to go finish up your cake with whipped cream frosting...because that's your favorite (and we know because you get all jumpy and squeal in delight)...and we'll celebrate with everyone.  We love you so much.  You bring so much joy and light.  I'm privileged to be your mommy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Redefining Beauty

If you have a child with a disability, do you remember the day son or daughter was diagnosed?  Do you remember sitting with the geneticist?  I do.  I remember it clearly.  Both times (because we have done this 2x), we sat with the geneticist and they really weren't able to give us too much information.  The first time, Samantha was still an infant.  And so, we went home, and I went to Google.  I didn't want to.  I think I held off for a good 15 minutes before succumbing to that evil search engine!  And the images that came up broke my heart.

I now know that pictures don't define my daughter...but they do certainly impress a lasting impression on one's mind.  And in the very beginning, when you are moving forward inch by inch, hanging on words and phrases that doctors give you...those pictures can make you feel like any and all future for your child is doomed.

That's why I loved this story.  I love what this fashion photographer is trying to do ~ to redefine beauty, to open our eyes, to help us see hope, love, and beauty in our children.

How would I have felt if instead of pictures like the ones I saw, when I typed in microcephaly these images popped up?  I could have still seen tight arms, smaller body frame, facial features...but they are also just really cute pictures, aren't they?

Ok, I could have found a cuter picture.  But still.  She's so cute.

Look at the light in those eyes.  Our doctors gave us no hope for light...but it beams from her.

That's one reason why making Samantha's story public is important to me.  Search microcephaly today, and you'll see her face pop up, among the many other pictures.  Parents need real information...the everyday stuff.  They need hope.  They need comfort.  They need reassurance.  And with all the pain, they need to see the smiles and the beauty.  I love this man for the work he is doing.  His influence will help many families, and hopefully even change the medical books.


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