Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now I Can ... begins

Samantha, we've been told, responds well to therapy.  I'm not sure how long that will last, but she does.  She responds well to this new therapy we're doing at home, she responds well to PT and OT, she responds well to water therapy...she responds and she does it well.  Great.

So when I heard about Now I Can, I wanted to try it out, now.  while she's young.  while she's "responding well."  Echo (our PT in Spokane) recommended Sammy have some intensive therapy.  She said Sammy'd be a good candidate.  Also, intensive therapy (4-5 hours a day for a few weeks) has shown to have greater results than 1-2 hours a week (which is what we do now).

I had been putting it off, just because there were other things on my list, until the other day.  I get their monthly emails, and there was the email address to Jon.  He's the financial guy in their office.  I thought, "Why not get information?"  And, so I shot him an email.  He responded the next day (today).  He gave me his phone number and I called.

The awesome thing about this, is that he's going to call my insurance and find out if they cover anything and what and all that jazz.  My list just got way shorter.  I like when people do work for me.  It makes things easier.

So, I'll wait until I hear back from him -- probably in the next couple days -- and go from there.  I'm hoping our insurance will cover something.  That would make me happy.  But, who knows?  And if not, that's ok too.  It just means more fundraising...but I'm thinking this is worth it. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Biker Girl

Grandpa sure did it this time.  He made Sammy some adaptive bike pedals and bought sheer delight to both her and her mommy.  That's right.  Sammy'll be trying to ride a bike ladies and gentlemen.  Watch out!!!

Trying to push the pedals on her own.

Feeling like a big girl.

Well, we all fall down sometimes, right?

Friday, January 7, 2011

One Smart Cookie

I'm talking about you little Sammy Sam.  The other night, I was thinking about all the things you're saying and trying to do, and I realized something.  You are saying things like "I go" and "I kicking."  We think you are sincerely saying "I don't want to."  Now, that last one may be a mimic in full, but you use it appropriately.  The thing here, though, is that you are using the pronoun "I."  I have never said to you "I go?"  Never.  I ask you, "You go?"  or  "Are you going?"  I never use I for you.  This only leads me to conclude that you have figured out, and understand, that I means you!  So, you get that when you use I, you are talking about yourself.  This is a big deal.  That is a big concept. 

What does this really mean!?

What this really means is that you are one smart cookie my friend.  That's right.  YOU.  And, this also leads me to believe that you understand a lot more than you can let us know.  All this knowledge is hidden in you.  Some of it's because you can't verbalize too much yet -- you're still discovering new sounds and are figuring out how to use your mouth and tongue to make sounds and words.  Some of it's because your body limits you.  If we tell you to do something, you may know what we're talking about and maybe you want to be obedient and do as you're told, but you either physically can't do it, or perhaps you can't figure out just how to make your body do it yet.  But, some of it, I'm sure, is because you're perfectly happy doing whatever you want to do.  You've got a good deal going on here...and if we were to catch on that you know more than we think...oh boy, things would change.  Am I right, or am I right?  I know, you're thinking, "Let them think I don't get it.  That way, I can keep throwing things, licking the table, chewing on things, breaking dishes, yelling and screaming whenever I want (in a playful way of course, but still distracting while in church!), and pretty much getting away with everything."

Well, we're catching on little lady.  And, just because you're so dang cute, you'll probably keep getting away with a whole lot.  Wait a minute!  See!  You even know how to use your looks to get your way!  Unbelievable!  You're one clever little girl Sammy Sam Sam.  I sure love you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gibber Gabber


You are talking so much these days.  I'm not sure why, but you are talking up a storm...or at least trying.  It's encouraging, to say the least.  I love hearing your babbles.  On some level I suppose this was what it was like for me when Callie was an infant.  It's fun to hear different sounds and to see and hear communication progress.  But with her, I expected that progress.  I took for granted her speech development.  I was amazed by it, but I took it for granted.  With you, every new sound you make thrills me because I never know what to expect.  I've tried to translate this over to Callie and any of our other kids -- to be thrilled with each step...not to take anything for granted.  I'm trying to not just live life, but marvel at it a long the way.  Thanks for teaching and reteaching me that lesson. 

So, what are you saying?  There are a few things we know for sure, and some that we think for sure.  I'm going to count them all.  Scribbles and Giggles keeps reporting to me that you talk nonstop.  So keep it up girl.  We're all loving it!


I'm pretty sure in this picture you're saying "Holy cow Mom!  Did you see that car?!  We need one of those!" And of course you're right, ya know.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Little Sammy Girl,

Lately, I've been a little 'lax, to say the least, about doing therapy at home with you.  Holidays came and went, and so did my motivation to do much besides exist.  You've been incredibly happy lately, and I love that.  Christmas and New Years were really fun.  But now it's time to get back in the saddle and work.  It's hard for me, for some reason, to get motivated.  Partly, it's because I'm so tired.  Worn out.  Exhausted.  But I feel like we need to get back on track and I need to just do it.

Your school schedule has changed, and that has also been hard.  I'm not sure how you're doing with it, but I know I'm exhausted.  You've been switched to the morning class.  Before the break, your teacher called and asked how I felt about it, even though no matter how I felt about it, if I wanted you to stay at Argonaut I'd have no choice.  So, I rearranged therapy, work, and Scribbles and Giggles and we're making it work.  We used to have pretty easy, laid back mornings.  Now, I wake you up at 6:45am Monday through Friday.  The good thing is that so far you are happy.  The bad?  I'm tired, really tired.  And I had forgotten how difficult it can be to have you home to wreak havoc!  You have a way of getting into everything.  You're very talented young lady.  Even with that said, it's nice to have you home.  I didn't realize how much I had missed having you and Callie around, together.  Just us girls.  I used to be getting you ready to get on the bus to GO to school at the same time you are coming home from school now.  It's quite the adjustment.  Another change.  But it'll be good I think.  If only we can both last.

Yesterday morning, Grammy woke us up and said, "Doesn't Sammy have to get the bus?"  WHAT?!  Yes.  It was 7:22am.  The bus comes at 7:30.  I learned that I have to set my alarm every morning.  When I took you to school, your teacher told me how well you had done in the morning class.  "Sammy was the star of the afternoon [because you had a lot of one on one time], but I can see she's already watching the other kids and there will be some really good modeling for her."  That's good news.  You were the only ambulatory child in the afternoon.  That was fine until new kids came to the afternoon, and they can't keep up with you when they have to give a lot of care to these other kids.  So, into the morning class you go.  And I hope you'll learn from these other kids.  I hope you will see all their good movements and words and try to copy them.  You're one amazing lady Sammy. 

I love you,


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