Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gibber Gabber


You are talking so much these days.  I'm not sure why, but you are talking up a storm...or at least trying.  It's encouraging, to say the least.  I love hearing your babbles.  On some level I suppose this was what it was like for me when Callie was an infant.  It's fun to hear different sounds and to see and hear communication progress.  But with her, I expected that progress.  I took for granted her speech development.  I was amazed by it, but I took it for granted.  With you, every new sound you make thrills me because I never know what to expect.  I've tried to translate this over to Callie and any of our other kids -- to be thrilled with each step...not to take anything for granted.  I'm trying to not just live life, but marvel at it a long the way.  Thanks for teaching and reteaching me that lesson. 

So, what are you saying?  There are a few things we know for sure, and some that we think for sure.  I'm going to count them all.  Scribbles and Giggles keeps reporting to me that you talk nonstop.  So keep it up girl.  We're all loving it!


I'm pretty sure in this picture you're saying "Holy cow Mom!  Did you see that car?!  We need one of those!" And of course you're right, ya know.


  1. Very Good Girlie!! I'm so glad you are babbling, because mommy just loves hearing it!!

  2. LOVE THAT PICTURE! So cute!!! :)



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