Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Little Sammy Girl,

Lately, I've been a little 'lax, to say the least, about doing therapy at home with you.  Holidays came and went, and so did my motivation to do much besides exist.  You've been incredibly happy lately, and I love that.  Christmas and New Years were really fun.  But now it's time to get back in the saddle and work.  It's hard for me, for some reason, to get motivated.  Partly, it's because I'm so tired.  Worn out.  Exhausted.  But I feel like we need to get back on track and I need to just do it.

Your school schedule has changed, and that has also been hard.  I'm not sure how you're doing with it, but I know I'm exhausted.  You've been switched to the morning class.  Before the break, your teacher called and asked how I felt about it, even though no matter how I felt about it, if I wanted you to stay at Argonaut I'd have no choice.  So, I rearranged therapy, work, and Scribbles and Giggles and we're making it work.  We used to have pretty easy, laid back mornings.  Now, I wake you up at 6:45am Monday through Friday.  The good thing is that so far you are happy.  The bad?  I'm tired, really tired.  And I had forgotten how difficult it can be to have you home to wreak havoc!  You have a way of getting into everything.  You're very talented young lady.  Even with that said, it's nice to have you home.  I didn't realize how much I had missed having you and Callie around, together.  Just us girls.  I used to be getting you ready to get on the bus to GO to school at the same time you are coming home from school now.  It's quite the adjustment.  Another change.  But it'll be good I think.  If only we can both last.

Yesterday morning, Grammy woke us up and said, "Doesn't Sammy have to get the bus?"  WHAT?!  Yes.  It was 7:22am.  The bus comes at 7:30.  I learned that I have to set my alarm every morning.  When I took you to school, your teacher told me how well you had done in the morning class.  "Sammy was the star of the afternoon [because you had a lot of one on one time], but I can see she's already watching the other kids and there will be some really good modeling for her."  That's good news.  You were the only ambulatory child in the afternoon.  That was fine until new kids came to the afternoon, and they can't keep up with you when they have to give a lot of care to these other kids.  So, into the morning class you go.  And I hope you'll learn from these other kids.  I hope you will see all their good movements and words and try to copy them.  You're one amazing lady Sammy. 

I love you,

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  1. Yikes, that's early! Every single one of my kids had afternoon kindergarten, which I loved. Michael actually did half a year of normal kindergarten. However, he then was sent back to special ed and those early mornings getting on a bus. It is so hard!



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