Good Information

Online Resources I Find Fantastic

Cerebral Palsy Source ~ defines different types of Cerebral Palsy

Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy ~ thoroughly explains and also hilarious because it refers to the umbilical cord as the "unbiblical cord."  I just think it's really funny.  But good information nonetheless.

Microcephaly with Simplified Gyral Patterns ~ a paper explaining MSG and the different types

The Foundation for Children with Microcephaly ~ connect with other families who have children with microcephaly.  There is an annual conference, etc.

Kidz ~ A fantastic blog about varying special needs.  Great resource for information and encouragement.

Therapies We Do/We've Done
Traditional Physical Therapy
Traditional Occupational Therapy
Traditional Speech Therapy

Water Therapy -- physical therapy done in a warm pool (80 degrees or warmer).  The warmer water temperature relaxes the muscles.  The water gives constant input/resistance to the body as the movements are practiced in the pool. Samantha made great improvements doing water therapy and even learned some safety skills -- how to tread water a bit and how to shut off her airway if she ever went under the water.  She really improved with water therapy and I miss it!

Doctors and Places We Love

Primary Children's Medical Center (Salt Lake City): We were at Primary Children's frequently and worked with amazing doctors who were all patient, kind, knowledgeable, and skilled.  While living in Utah, we worked with Dr. Siddiqi (Chief of Pediatric Plastic/Craniofacial Surgery), Dr. Walker (Pediatric Neurosurgery), and Dr. Filloux (Chief of Pediatric Neurology).  Fantastic!

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