Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still There

Sometimes I can get a little excited about momentary happenings...like Sammy saying words, and then she doesn't say them again for a long time.  I still classify all those "little" things as BIG things and usually it doesn't get me down.  But I get extra super excited when I notice that whatever it is I saw is still there days after.  Like, saying "more" and "water." 

Today, before the bus came, I decided to be unhealthy and let her have some cake for a mid-morning snack.  It was there, I thought, what the heck.  It's good motivation.  I gave her a bite.  "mmmmm"  I gave her another bite.  "mmmmmmoo"  I went to give her more, but she just smiled, as if she was thinking, "Come on Mom.  We both know you're going to give me that cake no matter what I say."  But I didn't.  I didn't give her that bite until she said, "mmmmmmmoo" -- and she did. 

Her mouth was getting pretty dry.  I thought she may want water.  I held the cup, and before I could ask her, she said, "wa-ya.  waaaa wooo."  I'm calling that water. 

So, it's still there.  The girl's got words.


  1. Oh that is so wonderful that she's finding her words :) These little wonders, they just have everything hidden within themselves, and just bring them out when they think we need it :) I'm so happy to hear how well she's doing! Gives me a good feeling when I look at my own daughter, and hope that she will do as well as Samantha is.

  2. So exciting Jenny! and as you say so incredibly wonderful when she is able to continue with her words. This is just awesome :)

  3. Sooooooo wonderful! And being consistent is the way to go with any kid. It's also one of the hardest things to do. Kudos!

  4. That is awesome!! :) I know what you mean .... sometimes Emily does something new and I get all excited about it. Then she never does it again. Now, like you, I try and wait until she has repeatedly done it before getting REALLY excited.

    Samantha, you are doing INCREDIBLE!

  5. So exciting and so proud of you, Jenny! Your hard work is working! Keep it up, girl!



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