Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Off to Utah

I can't believe the time is here.  We've been talking about it for so long, and now it's time to go to Utah for Sammy's therapy.  Now I Can.  It seems a little surreal.  I told my sister it reminds me of having a baby.  You talk about it and talk about it and then one day you think "Woa!  I'm having a baby next week!"  Sure, I'm not going to be having a baby, but there's so much rushing around I'm doing and the final preparations...

I'm not sure what to expect.  But I expect a lot.  Not from Sammy.  Or even from Now I Can to tell you the truth.  But I do expect it to be a good experience for our family. 

I'll be posting on this and our family blog -- probably more detailed stuff on our family blog since I'm not doing so hot on keeping this one up.  In fact...I may stop doing this blog and combine it all on one blog.  Not sure yet anymore...that's for another day though.

Until then...Now I Can is what we'll be doing the next few weeks.  Wish us luck.

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  1. I am sobexcited!! Can't wait to hear more!



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