Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too Cute

There are many reasons why people blog.  Some people do it to make their voice be take a stand and spread it to whoever will  Some do it to connect to other bloggers.  Others do it to journal.  I lean towards this.  I use blogging to remember thoughts, feelings, etc.  But, I certainly do it to connect with others -- especially with Sammy's blog.  I created this for her/me/our family to remember this time and to be able to recognize God's hand in our lives.  Through seeing the ups and downs of it all, hopefully we'll be able to also see the miracles and the purposes behind it all.  Definitely, as I've read older posts from our family blog, I'm reminded of the tender mercies from the Lord.  It's been a cool experience.

But it's also super fun to see pictures like these from time to time.  I stumbled across these pictures of Sammy and was just, well, delighted to say the least.  Recently, I've noticed how old she's getting.  Her looks really are changing.  And as cute as I think she is, there's always something about "baby" pictures, or younger pictures.  She's too cute!  What a babe.  ahhhh 

1 comment:

  1. I just adore your sweet Sammy. :) And the pictures are just adorable!!!



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