Monday, August 2, 2010



You are beautiful. Sometimes I'm able to catch you in a moment and see how stunning you are. Your lips are a bright rosy red that really make it look like I apply lipstick to you hourly! But they are gorgeous. Your skin has beautiful coloring that becomes deeper shades of golden brown as the summer progresses. You tan just like your Great-Grandma Boal. Your hair is a unique honey brown that lightens up blond with silver highlights. After your surgery, when your hair began to grow back in, the geneticist said she had never seen hair that color -- so silvery blond. During the winter months, your hair is a soft honey color and people regularly stop me to tell me how much they love your hair. I've had a few people, in jest -- I hope, say they wanted a hair sample to take to the salon. Your blue eyes are magical -- they're piercing. People stop me all the time to comment on your eyes. They are striking and gorgeous. Part of it is that your eyes really are a beautiful shade of blue, but it's also that your eyes tell us the things you can't say. Through them, family, friends, and strangers can all see that you are so much more than the palsy, the cramped muscles, and the smaller head. You are determined to succeed. You are secure with yourself and those you love. You are fun and love to laugh. You have a sense of humor and look for joy in life. You are compassionate towards those who care for you -- understanding that we're all in this together and sometimes it's not so easy.

You are amazing. I love you so much. You are an angel.


  1. That photo is stunning. She is beautiful!

  2. Gosh, the love just flows out of this letter to Samantha. How sweet, and how beautiful. It's so amazing to be able to feel the love that you have for her. What a wonderful mommy you are, and what a perfect daughter you have.



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