Thursday, August 26, 2010

Therapy Therapy Therapy

Where to start? We began therapy when Sammy was 3 months old when we lived in Provo. PEEP -- Provo Early Education Program. It was good for us. Sammy began physical and occupational therapy then. Robyn was our PT. I liked her a lot. She was just like a spunky, fun, young grandma. That's what she reminded me of. She was in love with Samantha -- and I assume that's how she was with all her kiddos. Annie was our OT, and boy did I adore her. She was so knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle...perfect for us. I loved it there, and we saw progress. Annie was the one who suggested craniosynostosis. She told us who to talk to and how to pursue it. She led the way for us, and after much prayer, we knew it was the right path she was leading us on.

We moved to Spokane, Washington. Internship! We would be there for only one year, but when we go the assignment, I felt like we were going there for Samantha. I wasn't sure why, but I felt it.

About 2 weeks after arriving to Spokane, we began therapy! Wow! PEEP connected us with someone to talk with up there in Spokane, and after meeting with her (and Samantha having a seizure in her office), she went to bat for us. Everything was set up so quickly. I went and visited several places to find out who I felt the most comfortable with...and I decided where we'd do PT, OT, and speech. I thought it was going to be a pain because in UT, the therapists came to in WA, I'd be driving Sammy around to different locations for therapy. But, it worked. And not only did things get moving quickly, we were with some of the best in the state. I didn't know this until about 6 months into it though. It was busy. We were doing OT 1x a week, PT 2x a week, speech 2x a week, and craniosacral therapy 1x a week (and hello! our insurance in WA covered craniosacral! amazing!). That's 6 appointments in 5 days. We were busy. But her progress was incredible.

We began water therapy there as well through Center for Pediatric Therapy. (Echo was our therapist...owner and PT extrodinaire. Leanne was our water therapist. AMAZING is all I can say.) Here we were introduced to the TheraTog and Samantha's alignment and posture improved so so much. I was so sad to leave Washington. She made big improvements in the speech areas -- not that she was saying a ton, but she began making new sounds and showing some cognitive improvements. I adore and miss Carlie. The Achieve Center was a place that Samantha enjoyed going. She loved Carlie and always worked hard for her. Carlie adored Sammy, and when we moved and said our goodbyes, she cried with us.

And now we are in California. The transition was NOT easy. It took us so long to get through all the red tape and get into therapy. It took us forever to get evaluated. And it took me awhile to even really trust our therapists. That's more my fault than theirs, but I felt like we came from Heaven and my faith in them, based on our first appointment, well...I was skeptical. But time has shown that they do good things with Sammy. She is continuing to make progress. For that, I am grateful.

But, there is more to be done. I know it. I feel it.


  1. I don't think I knew that you were in CA? Where abouts?? We are in SoCal. Do you take her to CCS now? They seem hit or miss. We love our current MTU, and our previous one, but have friends who all go to a different one and they hate it.

  2. My boy has CP and microcephaly. We lived in Provo for his first 4 months and had Annie for OT. I loved her. We too deal with seizures. You have a very beautiful little girl!



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