Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Properly Thank

I had some thoughts today that I shared over at The Green Piece.  It's something that I realized today -- about the love of the Lord.  And I just have to say, I feel so blessed.  I'm not saying that if all of stuff wouldn't have happened that I wouldn't be a blessed person.  Because, truthfully, I feel like my life is a testament of the Lord's involvement in our lives daily.  But, I'm just saying that I know all this goodness has come because of my Heavenly Father.  I just recognize that all this is one, big, fat, huge blessing...and it's incredible. 

Which leads me to this question:  How do I adequately express my gratitude? 

I'm a huge believer in thank you letters.  I believe they should be handwritten (though some of our business sponsors will only receive typed out letters, and our participants received an email...tacky?  I hope not.).  I believe they should be individualized.  And I believe, above all, they should be sincere.  Ok.  Great.  That's my belief on thank you notes.  So, I can send those...and I have and will continue to until they are all done.

But how else? 

I have discussed with Marcus the desire to begin our own non-profit organization where we can not only continue to fundraise and people can get the tax benefit (thus making it easier to fundraise), but we can pay it other families who are similar.  Sweatin' for Sammy was great, but how many other kids are there in this community that we could sweat for?  I don't know.  It's a lot to consider and a lot to organize, but we are seriously (or at least I am seriously) thinking about it right now.  I have a name in mind, even.  Yeah!  I mean, sometimes that's the hardest part, right?   Who knows what will happen, but I get pretty excited about the idea -- about helping others feel what I've felt recently.  Oh the joy we could feel as we give a helping hand to families who are trying so hard to help their special children.  Pretty exciting stuff.

So, you out there...who's done it -- started a non-profit?  What do you suggest?  What do we need to know that we're maybe not thinking about?  Tell me your thoughts, suggestions, successes, and what to avoid.  I need the good, the bad, and the ugly if we're going to make this work (and I really want to).

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  1. I starred this on my google reader so I'd respond right away.... Well, you see how that worked out! ;)

    My advice to you.... Wow. I don't exactly know how to find the words. Pray about it. Be sure this is really how you want to spend your time. Because no matter how much time, energy, money and passion you think you will put into something like this, it will require more. Will it be worth it? Maybe - probably. But I'm not going to lie, it's a lot.

    I don't mean to discourage this wonderful idea AT ALL. I just want to keep it real.

    501C3 is hard to get. You have to pay a LOT of hefty fees along the way.

    One thing you may consider is trying to team up with another charitable organization and pursue yours for a year or two while you decide if this is really a passion you want to pursue.

    In hindsight, I probably still would have done what I've done, but I would have done it differently. Probably if you want more specific advice than this, you should call or email me. Either one is, of course, fine by me!!!



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