Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When You Know Her

Recently, I've read two articles in two different newspapers, written by two very different people...about Samantha. 

The first article was written by a local journalist who writes for the local paper here.  Her articles are picked up and published in the San Jose Mercury News.  She's been a writer for a long time.  Though I didn't know her personally, my experience with her was very pleasant.  I was touched by her kindness and sincerity.  As I've posted earlier, her article can be found here

Then, just a few days later, a second article was published in The Eleight -- Leigh High School's newspaper.  This article was written by a senior who writes a column about her senior experience.  I don't know how long she's been writing, but she's talented and has a bright future.  I happen to know this journalist personally, and my experience with her is always pleasant.  I am constantly touched by her kindness and sincerity.  She goes above and beyond what others would think of as "nice," "generous," "thoughtful."  She takes after her parents that way...they're an awesome and poweful force...this incredible family.  Her article can be found here, and it's worth a read. 

There are some similarities in these 2 articles:
* The subject: Samantha
* The plug: Sweatin' for Sammy 5k
* Some back history

However, as nice as both the articles were, Ms. Sydney Black's was just so touching to me.  Why?  How is it that a senior in high school could evoke such emotion from me?  Naturally, I was touched that this person I knew had such strong feelings about Samantha...but that's just it.  Sydney knows Samantha.  She plays with her.  She helps me with therapy.  She holds her and comforts her.  She sees her every Sunday and throughout the week.  She's part Black, part Green. 

And it's made me think: what happens when we get to know people?  For me, I become more invested -- especially if I like ya -- and more attached.  I feel more deeply.  An article about a situation/story/or little girl can be touching.  But when it's written by someone who knows her...when you know her...it's just so much different.  And...that's made me think.  Don't we all have someone in our lives that we just wish people would take the time to know?  We think when you get to know her...if you'd just take the time to know him like I do...you'd seeYou'll fall madly in love with my little girl when you know her.

Anyway...just some thoughts swirling around the 'ole noggin tonight.  I'm feeling very grateful for my friends, and for strangers, who already are falling in love with Samantha...and I sincerely hope that they'll all get to know her on a different level one day.  Possible?  Probably not.  But a mom can still hope.


  1. I'm so glad to know Sammy! even though we were only neighbors for a couple years, it was great. She is a sweet girl.

  2. and we're so glad we know you!:) those were great years. I'm hoping to see you in September when we're in UT for her therapy. You'll still be around, right?



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