Sunday, August 14, 2011

Looking Back

I recently came across an old post on our family blog.  At the time I wrote that post, I was scared.  I was scared for Samantha's future and our own -- as a family.  I often contemplated what our lives would be like without her.  I was in fear of waking up one morning without her.  I was in fear of all the what if's that all of a sudden entered our lives when we stepped into our new special needs life.  I look back and read this post and a flood of emotion comes back -- the sadness, frustration, panic. 

As I reread this post, and remembered those feelings, it occurred to me that looking back was exactly what I was doing.  I was looking back Looking back to a time that was difficult.  Looking back to a time when I felt like I was struggling to breath at times.  Looking back to a time when I felt alone and a bit isolated -- as much as I tried not to be.  Looking back to moments when I thought I just couldn't make it.  Looking back

As I read, I was looking back at what once was -- and reflecting on what we had overcome.  See, you can only look back when you have made it through.  The tunnel may seem dark and narrow at times.  You may begin to feel claustrophobic and like the tunnel will cave in on you, especially when you can't see the end.  And while you're army crawling through that dark tunnel, sometimes it feels like you can only see or feel where you currently are.  But, ultimately, when you make it through, that's when you have the pleasure of looking back and seeing what you made it through. 

In deep appreciation today, I reread that post -- realizing where we are now.  Reappreciating how in love I am with Samantha and Callie, and Marcus.  And feeling an increased amount of respect, honor, and love for my Heavenly Father -- for sustaining me during that time.  I didn't realize it then.  It was only a logical sustaining.  I understood, logically as I leaned on my quivering faith, that He was helping me.  But today, I look back -- 4 years later -- and know He guided us through.  

I'll never know the future.  I can't predict Samantha's life.  But I no longer fear for her.  Now, we are going through a particularly good, stable time in her life.  And I'm sure, in fact I have no doubts in my mind, that fear will creep its ugly way back into my life...but then, when that happens, I hope to stumble upon THIS post, so I can look back and be reminded that I can make it through...I can feel love and peace...and I will know He's there.  And that will help me to once again look forward.   

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