Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready for School...Again

This summer just flew by.  I truly cannot believe that it's almost over and we'll be starting school, again.  And this time, we're not talking about pre-school.  No ma'm.  We're talking kindergarten.  Seriously?  My baby is 5 and is going to be attending kindergarten?!

Samantha seems to sincerely enjoyed school, so that's a good thing.  But I so clearly remember her first day of preschool up in Spokane, Washington.  I cried.  It was a huge deal.  I drove her and picked her up everyday.  She was so loved and simply, adorable, being a little school girl.  Then we moved to California, and I drove her again.  This time it was further, but I loved taking her to school, seeing her face light up as we entered the classroom.  Then...the day came where we took the bus.  Driving just became too much for me with Callie.  Oh boy.  The first day on the little bus ... heartbreaking.  She was/is sooo small and to see her all strapped in and driving away....her little head barely visible over the window.  I cried.  I sure did.  But she LOVES it.  She giggles on the bus, loves the vibration, the loud sound.  Sammy.  She's her mother's child.  I loved school, and so does this little one.

So here's to the upcoming new school year and new classroom.  I hope it's as joyful and productive as this past one has been...but if I have to choose between the 2, I really think I'd choose joyful (at least today).

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