Monday, August 8, 2011


Whatever you want to call it...I'm feeling that way.  I've been reading My Baby Rides the Short Bus -- more to come on that later (most definitely -- I have my feelings about this here book), and I have to say I'm not sure how I've dodged so many of these special needs bullets that everyone seems to write about in this book.  Sure, I've had some doctors who aren't as thorough or even nice.  But, really.  We've had extraordinary doctors.  I feel like, for the most part, they have done their job.  They have tried their best.  They have answered my questions.  We may not see things they same way all the time, but that, to me, doesn't mean that they are out to make my life miserable.  We have had great therapists who care about and love Samantha.  We have had AMAZING teachers who adore Sammy.  IEP's have never been a problem.  Not once.  I haven't had to go in ready to fight for what I want for Sammy.  Now, surely we've had our struggles and not everything has gone smoothly, but I'm either "blessed" or dang lucky because this book is making me feel guilty that I haven't had to go through these same things as the writers in this book.  This book is definitely...well, there'll be more on it later. 

Has anyone else read this?  I'm not sure, yet, that I'd recommend it.

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  1. I started it, and have read just a few of the essays and I did not like that there book! It assumed everyone was negative, judgey. I guess negative is how I would describe the whole book. Not looking for Chicken Soup for the Soul here, but realistic, positivity. I never felt the therapists and evaluators walked onto my home and looked down on me, judged my child, I assumed we were the only lucky ones but now apparently there are two of us! ;) Unfortunate really, because the title of the book is wicked cute!



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