Friday, May 14, 2010



I'm not sure what you can completely comprehend at this point. You are almost 4 years old, and that's a pretty big deal little girl. And over these 4 years, each day I grow more and more in love with you. Your messy hair and gunky nose don't sway my opinion of you one bit. If you can possibly understand one thing, know that I adore you. You are beautiful and wonderful, and I love you. Dad loves you too. No matter how big the room is, your little smile can light it up; you have lit up our world.

We are all born with gifts and talents. Some of us are better at certain things than others...and I often find that I compare myself with the amazing people around me. Don't do that, ok? It's a waste of time. There will be many people who look at you and take pity, or feel bad for you. They see your physical restrictions and make big assumptions based on your small head. Some people may shake their heads thinking that it's all such a shame. There will be some people who see you and are absolutely curious. They want to know all there is to know about you, because let's be honest -- there's not a whole lot of kids like you -- you are special in the truest sense of the word, but they won't know how to ask. So they may come of ackward or even kind of mean. That used to make me feel bad. I used to cry when that happened. But, I see now that they are just trying to figure things out...and having never approached this before, they stumble or don't think before they speak. (Shhh sometimes I still get mad when people don't think before they speak...or act. I think it's ok to be sad sometimes, or angry...but keep it in check, ya know?) BUT, MOST people I've met, even with all their curiosities and wonderings marvel at you. That's right. You make people marvel. You make people smile. They see you and smile and laugh. You brighten people's day. And sweetheart, you remind people of their Heavenly Father. They may not realize it in the moment, but you bring goodness, light, and hope into the hearts of all these people -- and those are characteristics of God. Maybe you can't walk very well. Sure you can't say too much, or feed yourself. You currently lack common self-help skills...but one gift that you have that I wish I had...was your innate ability to bring hope and love to the hearts of people whose eyes meet with your yours. You are an angel.

So Sammy, things may be hard sometimes, and you may not understand everything, but understand that you are amazing and extremely, extremely loved. You're my little baby, forever. You're my sunshine.

I love you,

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