Sunday, May 16, 2010

Occupational Therapy

Sammy has been adjusting well to her new therapists here. It's taken some time, but she's doing well with them. At first it was really hard for her. Both her physical therapist and occupational therapist are new. That's not always a bad thing. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. I was a new teacher once. But, being an old "new" teacher, I understand that there is a level of comfort that is definitely lacking when you commence the work. At first, it seemed like her therapists were so nervous around Sammy. That really bothered me. And it was hard because we came from Spokane, WA where we were placed with some of the best therapists in the region. We were very blessed. So, to come from that to this was a big adjustment for me. But, just like most things, if you give it time, it all turns out well. Sammy has adjusted. The therapists understand Sammy, and they actually work quite well with her. I'm impressed with someone who will ask for help, someone who recognizes that they need a second opinion...and both of our therapists at CCS (California Children Services) have people come in so they can ask questions. I'm confident in their abilities but feel even better knowing that they will seek out the advice they need.

I'm still on the search for water therapy -- not just special ed swimming lessons -- and hope that I can find one soon.

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