Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Reasons I love You

Little Samantha,

Tonight, I'd like to highlight just two reasons why I love you.

This evening, I gave you a bath. You enjoyed the bath. You splashed and yelled really really loudly. You had a good time. After your bath, I decided that I would try something new. I decided to blow dry your hair. I've done this before, but not like tonight. Tonight, I used my round brush and everything. You loved it. You loved the loud noise. Immediately you began to giggle. And surprisingly, you sat still long enough for me to get the brush through your hair. I think it was the warmth against your bare skin that you so much enjoyed. Either way, I love the fact that you love loud noises and that it makes you happy. Not only is this just really fun for us, but I feel blessed that you do enjoy loud noises. A lot of special needs children are greatly bothered by loud noises. I consider us lucky that this is one thing we don't need to worry about -- because we sure can be a loud and rowdy people over here.

Second. I went out to buy a bridal shower gift tonight. I took you with me while Callie stayed home with Daddy to watch Caillou. You were very pleasant -- and I was happy to get a few compliments on your hair (see the round brush really does work). But the best part of the evening was when we walked back to the car. It is extremely windy today, and as we walked out of the building, the wind blew in your face. You started to giggle your adorable, contagious giggle, and then you opened your mouth. I love that you open your mouth to catch the wind. It's so funny. You do it every time, and it makes me happy.

Oh little babycakes, you make me happy.

Love you to bits,

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