Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I'm not the smartest cookie out there, but WHY oh why can't I get Sammy's picture up there centered?! Frustration.


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  2. I thought you did it purposely as Sammy is looking to her left and having the picture on our left seems perfect.If it was centered it wouldn't feel like she is "right here" with me in spirit. Sammy is so beautiful, isn't she!? So is her sissy, Callie. Love, love, love this picture. In my book it's placement is perfect, intentional, (which is good because I am no help in trying to center it.) :)
    PS You, dear Jenny, lame? NEVER.

  3. I just started following you and saw this post and totally agree! Not that yours looks weird, because it doesn't. But I've also been wondering the same thing about the picture for my little one. If and when you figure it out, please let me know!

  4. It's the new template designs and it totally bugs me too. The only way to fix it is to resize your picture to the exact pixels of the width of your blog, then when you upload the image, don't click "shrink to fit," and it will be exactly centered. You can also try to find a template that doesn't have the title off to the side, but I searched for awhile one night then gave up and stuck with plan A. I wish blogger had never changed their design, I liked the old one better. :/



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