Monday, September 13, 2010

Shape Up


We're going to have a serious one-way discussion here, ok? I talk. You listen. I'm your mother -- you remember that. you received your first "bad" letter home. That's right. I was surprised and a little disappointed. It stated that you were "unbelievably fussy and crying" today. Now now. Is that a way to treat your teacher and aids? Last night I cut your hair. Are you upset with how that turned out? Or perhaps it was because you woke up at 4am. Could we work on that? Do you think if you slept longer you could be happier during the day? Let's put a good honest effort into getting good sleep. Ok? In the meantime, I don't want any more notes from your teacher. You're a sweet girl, and that's how they know you. So shape up missy pants. We all love you and are behind you 100%, but you got to give us a smile from time to time.

Love you unbelievably.

1 comment:

  1. too funny. sometimes i feel like i should warn leah's teachers on those 4am days. the haircut days are obvious because i usually botch that. :)



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