Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well Samantha,

You have redeemed yourself. After a fabulous night's sleep (I'm talking 7:30-6am), you were a delight in school today. You know how I know this? Because your teacher sent home a little note that said, "Samantha had a wonderful day today!"

So, there you go. You're redeemed.

Love you,


  1. It's so frustrating to me how much a decent meal and a good night's sleep can accomplish in the mood of a child. So why won't they cooperate?!?!?! Argh!!!

  2. Having said that, it seems about this age that Michael started falling asleep right after he got off the bus from school (around 4) and fall asleep on the couch. We would put him to bed and he would be out until morning. It was heaven on a stick.



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